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Drabbles. Yey.

Title: Noted on cuts
Fandom: FFVII Compilation... Respectively, sometime before FFVII but probably after Before Crisis, during Before Crisis though you see none of it, and way before Before Crisis. Schoolboy!Reno and Rude! I wanna draw this. X3
Ratings: PG-13/violence (implied);PG-13/profanity/abuse; R/but only for profanity.
Main Characters/pairings: Tseng; Elena; Reno and Rude, mild RenoxRude... so cute.
Word Count: 855 for all three
Commentary: I hate doing drabbles. But everyone needs to know how... The chattery girl in the second one may seem familiar if you're unlucky enough to be reading my NaNo.

Tseng! Answer me something before you kill me, huh?”

He practically growled, teeth bared like an animal, "What is it?"

"How could you kill your own people, who raised you and bred you--"

"... Tried to kill you... Abandon you to die... Do I need to go on?"

"You were becoming a spy! That is different!"

"Oh, how so?" Tseng did relax his grip on the gun but did not stop aiming it at the man.

"You--you were with Shin-ra! They bought you! Took advantage of you. Couldn’t know what you were do--ghk..."

A cold sphere of steel found its way to make contact with the man's neck, and he forced his head up with its barrel.

"I wasn't a child any more. Shin-ra offered what I needed.”

“Seduced you with lies. You had everything.”

Tseng snarled and applied more pressure on the gun, causing the man to writhe and gasp for breath. He dropped to one knee on the damp concrete floor and pulled the man’s head up by his hair. “Don’t pretend you can even know that.”

“Ghk... Tra...itor... your ow--”

Releasing him, Tseng pulled the trigger.


(This is my least favourite.)

“Let go of me!” Elena, sobbing, writhed away from the man who was in name only her father, but his grip didn’t break.

“Stupid bitch! Join Shin-ra? Are you fucking out of your head?!” He slapped her, again, an ugly bruise spreading across her face. She flailed, kicking, and managed to connect her knee hard with the place every man never, ever wants to get hit. Howling in pain and crumpling, he released her, and she darted as fast as her shaking legs could carry her, away, through the kitchen, then she could get out the back door, and then-- but no-- a tight grip wrapped around her arm-- She screamed and wheeled only to find her mother holding intently onto her. “You’re going no where, you ungrateful bitch.” Another slap, one of countless burnt its way across her face, and Elena found herself choking on her own blood, burbling hot past her torn lips.

Elena wasn’t sure what took possession of her, but before she knew what she was doing a hidden remaining portion of strength without her poured into her arms, and she threw the back of her hand across her mother’s face and broke free, making for the back door, and away.


“Elena, why do you always wear lip colouring? You’re just a third-class, even if you weren’t doing anything aside from fighting... And that’s all you wear. If you’re gonna wear makeup, go all out! And that colour! It’s just like your lips! Seriously, why bother?”

“Heh.” Elena turned and smiled sadly at her fellow SOLDIER. “Look closely.” She pointed at her lower lip, and the girl leaned in to look. “Eh? Oh. You’ve got a little scar. So your lip was split once? Boyfriend or something? I never would’ve noticed. It doesn’t matter, no one’s gonna see it.”

Elena, shrugging, turned back to the mirror and lined her lips with the thick pigment covering the scar entirely. “It’s not other people who I mind seeing it,” she muttered softly under her breath.


“Rude, school fucking sucks ass, you know?”

Rude nodded. Reno said that a lot-- every lunch hour for a while now. Rude felt the same, but you couldn’t do anything about it, it was just something to be dealt with, nothing to get worked up over. Reno had already undone the top button of his uniform for the fourth time today, though it had gone unnoticed for the time being.

“S’resly, Rude,” Reno drawled, “We should drop out. Run away, m’n you. Go become SOLDIERS, what do you say.”

Not a question. Reno’s manner of talking rarely involved questions non-rhetorical. Rude took a bite of his sandwich and swallowed it before replying.

“You don’t just ‘become’ a SOLDIER.”

“You gotta be shitin’ me--you ignorant? ‘Course you do. Yaw gotta show them though. Serious, Rude, if a Wan can do it, anyone can. Especially us.”

Rude winced inwardly at Reno’s use of the word “Wan”--being a target of slurs on occasion gave him a bit of a chip on his shoulder in that regard-- but he just shrugged. “Tseng’s a war hero, they say. Spy or something. And he’s not a SOLDIER, anyway.”

Reno grinned. “Hey, you aren’t so ignorant.” He clapped Rude on the shoulder. “So what? I bet we’d beat his ass in battle. We could totally be important SOLDIERS, like Sephiroth but cool, Rude--They’re lookin’ for ‘em, I’ve heard.”


"Dude, come on, let's run away. For serious, we can leave tomorrow. It'll be great." Reno plopped his head down on Rude's shoulder and discreetly, making sure no one was around, curled an arm around his in a Renoishly endearing sort of way. "We'll have babes, power, kill shit for money... We're gonna be famous, okay? Don't be fuckin' angsty. It'll be great."

(This one's my favourite)

Enjoy, if possible. Critique is always a good, good thing. Note the only beta these went through was spellcheck, so there are probably blips.
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